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"Hero chosen by the gods, leave these woods and go west, to the land of the spirit Eldin."
— Faron

Faron is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


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Faron is one of the four Light Spirits of Hyrule, and the second that Link encounters during his quest. Residing within the Faron Spring in the Faron Province, Faron's appearance is similar to that of a Monkey with an elongated tail that curls around its bright orb in a fetal position. Faron's power of light is stolen by Shadow Beasts, engulfing the Faron Province in Twilight. When Wolf Link comes to Faron Province, he visits the Spirit's Spring, where he finds Faron's broken spirit, which appears as a small cloud. Faron gives Wolf Link the Vessel of Light to collect the Tears of Light from the Shadow Insects. After all of the insects are killed and the Vessel of Light is full, Link wakes up at Faron's spring in his Hylian form. When this happens, Link will be wearing the tunic belonging to the Hero of Time.

After Link collects the Fused Shadow from the Forest Temple, Faron tells the hero to go to Eldin Province where the Light Spirit, Eldin, dwells.

During the battle against Ganondorf, Faron gives some of his power to Princess Zelda by providing her with Light Arrows. After the battle, Faron helps Midna turn back to her true form.

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It is likely that "Faron" derives from the name "Farore", the goddess of courage.

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