Faron is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a province of Hyrule and includes the three Faron Grasslands, Lake Hylia and Faron Sea regions. Interestingly the Camera Rune suggests some parts of Necluda and Faron provinces overlap such as Faron Tower and Lakeside Stable being considered part of West Necluda and not the Faron Grasslands or Faron Sea regions. The jungle region east of the Faron Grasslands is apparently unnamed as a result of the overlap as the location data for the common location for Mighty Bananas simply lists the name of Faron province whenMighty Bananas grow primarily in its unnamed jungle region.

At one point in the distant past, a mysterious warlike tribe inhabited the jungle region though the only evidence for their existence is their armor and apparently ruins of a lost civilization found in the jungles of Faron which interestingly share similarities with the Thyphlo Ruins indicating some connection.

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