"A farming tool used to collect hay efficiently. It's light enough to be used by anyone. The four prongs are very sharp."
Hyrule Compendium

The Farmer's Pitchfork is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a farming tool that Link can equip it and use it as an improvised Spear. One spawns near some Barrels outside the Woodcutter's House on the Great Plateau and is a decent weapon that Link can find early on. Another spawns on the side of the farmhouse in Hateno Village where Dantz, Koyin, and Tokk live. Another spawns inside the shed located next to farmhouse where Reede, Karin, and Clavia live lying on the floor of the shed. Another spawns outside the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Bokoblins in East Necluda occasionally wield them, such as the ones encountered along the path leading to Hateno Village. Thadd the farmer who guards the gate leading into Hateno Village wields one for protection. The farmer Dantz is the only person showing using it for its intended purpose: pitching hay. If Link attacks either Thadd or Dantz, they will defend themselves with their pitchforks. They will also raise their pitchforks defensively if Link wears Radiant Armor set with the Disguise set bonus, Phantom Equipment armor set, or Tingle's Outfit armor set near them as they cause NPCs to act frightened of Link. Additionally they will also react in this manner if Link rides a Bear or Stalhorse near them out of fear of the animal Link is riding. Another spawns next to one of the Apple trees in a grove of Apple trees on Satori Mountain in the Hyrule Ridge region.

The Farmer's Pitchfork is weaker than the Farming Hoe in terms of base attack power (though this is to be expected as spears tend to have weaker attack power when compared to other types of weapons) however it is superior than the Farming Hoe in terms of base durability. The Farmer's Pitchfork also has the advantage of reach and allows Link to attack more quickly, while the Farming Hoe has slightly less reach and is slower, though it can knock enemies off their feet. Like other spears, during a charged attack Link performs a rapid thrust of the spear.

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