"By the way, the song, Farewell to Gibdos, which the music box is now playing, drives away Gibdos. I discovered it after many years of researching Gibdos."
Pamela's Father

"Farewell to Gibdos" is a song from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It was composed by Pamela's Father, who came to discover that the song is loathed by Gibdos, while performing research on them. The style of the song is distinctly reminiscent of circus or fairground music.


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Link frees Sharp's soul with the "Song of Storms", which he learned from Flat, Sharp's brother. Additionally, the curse placed on the Spring Water Cave is broken, allowing water to once again flow through Ikana Canyon, causing the Music Box House's waterwheel to turn and play "Farewell to Gibdos". The song causes the Gibdos surrounding the house to retreat into the earth, allowing Link to sneak into the house and heal the curse placed on Pamela's Father.

Should Link defeat Twinmold before activating the Music Box, the Gibdos will be absent for that cycle, and this tune will not play either inside or near the Music Box House; the normal "building interior" song is heard in its place.

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