"Come see ol' Kilton for the most monstrous deals in all of Hyrule!"
— Fang and Bone Business Card

Fang and Bone is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is run by Kilton, out of a hot air balloon. Link first encounters Kilton at night at Skull Lake in the Deep Akkala region. After speaking to him, Kilton will set up shop at night outside of every town in Hyrule. Link can sell monster parts to Kilton for mon, a currency created by Kilton and only usable at Fang and Bone.


The first time Link meets Kilton, he shows his business card and explains that he is preparing for his shop's grand opening, though is so excited he cannot decide on a location. During the day, a sign appears marking the location where his shop appears at night, allowing Link to return later. When Link also builds a campfire, Kilton's shop will appear at night.

The shop is known among certain people like Chabi who has been traveling through Hyrule to find the shop and meet Kilton out of curiosity. However due to his appearance and strange fascination for monsters, Kilton is viewed as a shady character among the East and South Akkala Stable workers.

Kilton will add new stock over the course of Link's adventure and as a result certain items are only available after Link has freed a certain number of Divine Beasts from Calamity Ganon's control. Freeing all four Divine Beasts effectively unlocks all of Kilton's wares for purchase.

Mon and Monster Extract

In exchange for Mon, a currency created by Kilton and only usable at Fang and Bone, Link can only sell particular items such as Monster, Dragon and Guardian parts. He can earn more Mon by selling mini-boss parts or Guardian parts.

Link can purchase or sell Monster Extracts, used to cook "monster" type dishes or to craft special "monster" themed bridle and saddle, weapons like the Spring-Loaded Hammer and Wooden Mop, various masks allowing a temporary monster disguise, and even a "Dark" armor set referring to Dark Link.


Item Buy (Mon) Description Requirement
Monster Extract 9 Ingredient Available at start
Wooden Mop 19 Weapon Available at start
Bokoblin Mask 99 Head armor Available at start
Moblin Mask 199 Head armor 1 Divine Beast freed
Spring-Loaded Hammer 199 Weapon 1 Divine Beast freed
Lizalfos Mask 299 Head armor 2 Divine Beasts freed
Monster Saddle 299 Saddle 2 Divine Beasts freed
Monster Bridle 399 Bridle 2 Divine Beasts freed
Lynel Mask 999 Head armor 3 Divine Beasts freed
Dark Hood 1,999 Head armor 4 Divine Beasts freed
Dark Tunic 999 Body armor 4 Divine Beasts freed
Dark Trousers 999 Leg armor 4 Divine Beasts freed
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