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This article is about the location in The Legend of Zelda TV series. For the recurring location in the games, see Fairy Fountain.
Fairy Spring
Fairy Spring (Fairies in the Spring).png
The Fairy Spring as seen in "Fairies in the Spring"
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The Fairy Spring is a location in the "Fairies in the Spring" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series. As its name suggests, it is a spring located in Hyrule that is home to the fairies, including Spryte's sister and the king of fairies, King Oberon.[1]


With the kingdom's newest Royal Water Park nearing completion, water monsters begin to appear all over the construction site, scaring away the workers.[2] Link and Princess Zelda are unable to find the root of the problem until they arrive at the Fairy Spring, although at first they do not recognize the place they are in.[3] Suddenly, more water monsters begin to attack them, and as Link continues to fight them off, Zelda notices that the beams creating the monsters are coming from a tree. Upon further investigation, she discovers that the monsters were being created by Spryte's sister, who explains that since someone was draining their spring, she was creating the creatures as a means of defending their water.[4] King Harkinian then comes out and informs to Zelda that their water park was inadvertantly taking water from the fairies' water supply, but he has already explained the situation to the Fairy King and all is forgiven.[5] The King also mentions that they will not take their water from the Fairy Spring anymore since they will just use magic ponds to move their water and, once all the pools are full, they will not need to use them any more.


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