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Fairy Fountain: Battlefield
Fairy Fountain Battlefield.jpg
Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Akkala Citadel
Playable Character(s) Any character
Mini-boss(es) Blue Moblin
Black Moblin
Ice Moblin
Electric Moblin
Boss Mija
Completion Reward(s) Unlock Great Fairy
Victory Conditions
Defeat Mija
Defeat Conditions
Time runs out
The character flees
Previous Scenario
"Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains
Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows
Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands

Fairy Fountain: Battlefield is a side quest in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


Fairy Fountain: Battlefield is the last side quest needed in order to unlock the character Great Fairies. This can be found in the Akkala region after completing the previous three side quests, Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains, Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows, and Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands.

Unlike the previous Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains and Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands, this side quest has a series of time conditions, depending on which monster the character is fighting. The time conditions and the order they go in are below:

  1. Defeat the Blue Moblin(2:00)
  2. Gather rupees(Timer continues)
  3. Defeat the Blue Moblin(1:30)
  4. Gather rupees(Timer continues)
  5. Defeat the Black Moblin(1:00)
  6. Gather rupees(Timer continues)
  7. Defeat the Ice Moblin(1:00)
  8. Gather rupees(Timer continues)
  9. Defeat the Electric Moblin and key enemies(precisely the Black Moblin;1:30)
  10. Gather rupees(Timer continues)
  11. Head to the Targeted Position(No timer)
  12. Defeat Mija(No timer)

Once all the minibosses are defeated, the character will fight Mija. Once Mija is defeated, the side quest will be complete, along with obtaining the Great Fairies. If this was completed on the first try, the player will get an additional: 1 Ethereal Stone, 5 Fairies, and 5 Hearty Bass.

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