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Fairy Doll
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The Fairy Doll is an item in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1] It is owned by Chiko. Her mother made it for her a long time ago.[2][1]

Location and Uses

When Tingle encounters Chiko, he learns that she has lost her precious doll to a fish.[3] Chiko's Mum tells Tingle that Chiko was talking about a fish, saying that her daughter must have been referring to Fish Rock.[4] Tingle can retrieve the Fairy Doll for her by interacting with Fish Rock, which will spit the doll out of its mouth. Once he has found the doll and given it back to Chiko, the girl will reveal the path to the first dungeon of the game, the Hero's Shrine.[5][6] Chiko tells Tingle that she found it while playing with the doll and that she was told that there is something good beneath the statue.[7]

After Tingle awakens the fairy that lives in Port Town, Chiko will give him the Fairy Doll as a gift.

Once Tingle returns the Fairy Doll to Chiko, Chiko's Mum will thank Tingle and reward him with some Rupees.[8] She will change her mind if Tingle asks for too many Rupees, however.[9]


  • Because of her obsession with fairies, Chiko mistakes her doll for being a real fairy.[10]


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