"Hey! Link! You there? Hey, you mind helpin' me herd the goats? They ain't listenin' to me lately! Hey, where's Epona?"
— Fado

Fado is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the main rancher and proprietor of Ordon Village's ranch. Fado is quite tall and very large in his build, compared to the other Humans of Ordon.


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Fado is somewhat irresponsible, sometimes accidentally allowing the goats to escape the ranch and run into town and often yelling his over-used "HEEEEEEEEEEY." This usually results in Mayor Bo taking Rupees out of his paycheck, complete with a sly comment about Fado's incompetence as the proprietor of the ranch.

Fado's house, which is built under the large tree in the village, cannot be entered at any point in the game.

Before Link departs on his quest to save Hyrule, he works as a ranch hand for Fado. After Link leaves Ordon Village, Fado still openly welcomes his assistance in Goat Herding, and after getting Epona is still thankful enough to reward him with a Piece of Heart.

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