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Not to be confused with Fado (Ocarina of Time) or Fado (Twilight Princess)

Fado is the former Wind Sage in The Wind Waker.[3] He belongs to the Kokiri race, born in Kokiri Forest before the Great Flood, and is the only one of his race seen in the game.[2] After Ganondorf managed to circumvent the seal of the Goddesses and reached the surface, one of his first things he did was attack the Wind Temple and have Fado killed.[4] After his death, his spirit remained in the Wind Temple until he was replaced by Makar.


Fado was one of those responsible for keeping the Master Sword capable of repelling evil when he was still alive. After he died, his spirit stayed in the temple, waiting for a successor. When Link showed up in the Wind Temple, Fado appeared before him and asked him if he could find the new Sage. He told Link how he could recognize the new Sage and taught him the Wind God's Aria, the song that would awaken the new Sage.[5]

Link left the temple to find the new Sage: Makar. As instructed, he played the Wind God's Aria for him. When Makar started to follow along, his appearance suddenly changed to that of Fado and he and Link performed together, even getting applause from unseen creatures. After that, Makar's appearance returned to normal, and he asked Link to bring him to the Wind Temple.[6]

Fado's last appearance was when Link defeated Molgera. When Makar played the Wind God's Aria, Fado appeared out of him and started playing along. He disappeared into Makar again when the Master Sword had regained its power, finally freed from his obligations.

Fado (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Fado Figurine Model.png
Birthplace: Kokiri Forest
Personality: Somewhat saucy

Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, offered up his prayers in the Wind Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.


  • The name Fado originally belongs to a Kokiri girl from Ocarina of Time (also, Fado from The Wind Waker is called Fodo in Japanese).
  • The Ordonian goat herder from Twilight Princess, who is Link's employer, also goes by the name Fado.
  • Link cannot take a Pictograph of Fado. To get his figurine, he must get his photo from Lenzo.[1]
  • The word "fado" in Portuguese translates to "fate" or "destiny," and also is the term used for a genre of music based in Portugal known for its use of stringed instruments, whose lyrics, while tragic, also represent great importance in the national culture. It is possible that developers aptly named the character in reference to fado in the real world (given Fado's tragic circumstances, destiny, and use of a stringed instrument).
  • It is stated in the Prima Guide for The Wind Waker that Fado was a personal friend of the Hero of Time, though Fado is never seen in Ocarina of Time.


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