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Not to be confused with Fado (The Wind Waker) or Fado (Twilight Princess)

Fado is a character in Ocarina of Time.[1] She is a blonde Kokiri standing at the end of the bridges leading from Saria's house.


Fado seems to have a fascination for the Lost Woods and a bond of sorts with Mido. She also seems to have permanently traded Kokiri Forest for the Lost Woods in the future years. Her behavior is a bit ambiguous as she often reacts in eerie laughter about what fate could befall those wandering into the Lost Woods but at the same time displays childish loyalty and dependency towards Mido.


In the past years, she taught Link how to look around[2] and warned about the Lost Woods' dangers.[3]

Seven years into the future, Fado could no longer be found in the village and only showed up during the Biggoron's Sword sidequest. When Link returned to give the Odd Poultice to the Master Craftsman's Son, Fado was there instead of him. She demanded Link give the medicine to her since it was made of forest Mushrooms.[4] In return, she handed Link the saw the Master Craftsman's Son left behind. Fado mentioned that non-Kokiri who enter the Lost Woods become lost and turn into Stalfos[5] and wondered aloud if Link would turn into one too.[6]


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Fado's appearance pre-release

Despite her minor role in Ocarina of Time, Fado has a rather noticeable appearance. She has her own model (which is unusual for any character that's not a Hylian or has an important role), different lines from the other Kokiri, and she mysteriously disappears later on in the game. For all this attention her character was given, she holds no significance to the game whatsoever.

Interestingly, she appears in some of the early Ocarina of Time screenshots and is thereby indicated to be created at about the same time as Saria. On those screenshots, Fado appears to be sitting on the roof of the shop in the Kokiri Forest which in the released version is occupied by the common model Kokiri girl.

Furthermore through investigation into pre-release Ocarina of Time by various fans, it is known that at one point there was going to be a Wind Temple rather than a Forest Temple in the game, the only remaining hint to that being the wind-themed challenge for the forest barrier in Ganon's Castle. It is currently believed Fado was to be the Sage of Wind, but was scrapped along with the Wind Temple. This seems supported by Nintendo's post-Ocarina of Time tendency to implement unused ideas from one game into another; in this case Fado from The Wind Waker then would be the recycled form of Ocarina of Time Fado.

In February of 2009, Fado's early model was fully restored by Zeth, which is the same one that was shown in the pre-release pictures.[7]


  • In the Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina of Time, Fado has casual blue eyes, much like all typical Kokiri females. In Ocarina of Time 3D, however, she has a unique eye color: the upper halves of her irises are a Bluebonnet, while the lower halves are a light indigo. All other Kokiri females keep their original blue color, except Saria, who has a darker shade of blue.


Fado, along with Mido, were named after the solfège syllables in the music scale.

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