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Face the Frost Talus
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Quest Giver Gesane
Prerequisite(s)Stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Location Rito Village
Reward Silver Rupee
Previous Quest
"Divine Beast Vah Medoh"

"Face the Frost Talus" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After Link has calmed Divine Beast Vah Medoh, he can speak to Gesane, a Rito who guards the entrance to Rito Village. He shares with Link that, while he was out earlier, he saw a Frost Talus.[2] When Link inquires more, Gesane explains it is a monster made out of enchanted ice,[3] and the one he saw was "incredibly terrifying."[4]

The Frost Talus was located in Coldsnap Hollow, though Gesane fled before he could be sure.[5] Even though it was big, he believes a Champion could easily take it down.[6] Once he is done speaking, the Side Quest begins.

Once Link has defeated the Frost Talus, he can return to Gesane to share the news. He is shocked to hear that Link was capable of doing so, as he is a Hylian.[7] Despite this, he is relieved, as the Frost Talus could have been dangerous if it had made its way to Rito Village.[8] As a reward, he gives Link a Silver Rupee.[9] This completes the Side Quest.


Stage Description
1 Gesane, a Rito Village guardsman, said he saw a frost Talus over at Coldsnap Hollow.

If you encounter a Frost Talus in you travels there, be sure to destroy it.
2 You defeated the Frost Talus at Coldsnap Hollow! Gesane at Rito Village will surely be pleased once you report back to him.
Complete You told the guardsman Gesane at Rito Village that you destroyed the Frost Talus in Coldsnap Hollow.

Gesane offered you rupees as thanks, which you gracefully accepted.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
NetherlandsDutchDe ijs-talus in de ValleiThe Ice-Talus in the valley
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