Face Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. A region of Koholint Island, it contains a small lake area, the Ancient Ruins, and the Face Shrine dungeon.


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Legend of the Wind Fish

Mural found within the Face Shrine

On his quest to retrieve the sixth Instrument of the Sirens, Link is advised by the Owl to travel to the Ancient Ruins in the southern area of the Face Shrine region. Here, he defeats the many Armos found in the area and eventually makes it through to a small shrine. Inside the shrine, Link is confronted by an Armos Knight; the hero defeats this huge foe, which leaves behind the Face Key. A door in the shrine is also unlocked, and inside this room, Link finds a mural of the Wind Fish and the Owl. The mural states in clear terms that all of Koholint is merely the Wind Fish's dream, and that waking the Wind Fish will cause the island to disappear. Upon exiting the ruins, the Owl appears before Link and states that only the Wind Fish truly knows if Koholint is a dream, and encourages Link to trust his feelings and continue on his journey. Link proceeds to the Face Shrine dungeon, traverses its depths, and slays Façade. In doing so, he obtains the sixth Instrument of the Sirens, the Coral Triangle.

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Face Shrine (region)

The Face Shrine

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