Old Man

The Eyes of Skull is a location from The Legend of Zelda. Located within Level 9, it is unknown where exactly the Eyes of Skull is; the Old Man in the dungeon informs Link that there is a secret at this location, but it is never made clear where exactly this is. The Eyes of Skull may be a reference to Ganon's chamber where the final boss battle occurs. This seems a plausible possibility due to the image on the floor of the room resembling a skull. After Link slays Ganon, the door leading to the next room slides open. Here, Link finds Princess Zelda and the game comes to a close. Another plausible solution to this riddle is the secret stairs in the room with four Blade Traps, because Link appears to be in the eye of the skull-shaped dungeon map. There is also the possibility of it referring to the hidden rooms which contain the compass and Princess Zelda, as neither shows up on the map and both appear to be an eye of the skull on the map.

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