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Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases are objects in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed]

Location and Uses[]

The Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases are a set of Vases collected by Mila's Father.[1] They are said to be the "kind of vase one wants to break as soon as one catches sight of them."[2] Eight of his Vases are displayed on the first floor of the Auction House. If Link breaks one, Mila's Father will call him a weasel but will let him off with a warning.[3] Subsequent incidents will result in his being forced to compensate Mila's Father 10 Rupees for each one he damages before he can leave,[4] followed by an explanation of his guilt caused by his "destructive tomfoolery" and a dismissal from the House.[5] If Link doesn't have the means to pay, Mila's Father will be outraged and forcefully remove him from the premises.[6][7] The Vases will be replaced before Link returns to the Auction House.

When ownership of the House passes to Maggie's Father, Link can destroy the Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases without any fear of consequences, as he doesn't seem to care about the Vases.

Mrs. Marie was apparently also fond of these Vases, as she keeps four at her Private Oasis. When the Cabana Deed passes to Link, he can enter the Private Oasis and break the Vases, which contain many Rupees. The Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases will be replaced after Link breaks them, presumably by the Oasis Butler, but their monetary contents will not.


  • Despite the supposed high value of the Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases, Link is charged the same amount of Rupees to replace the Vases belonging to Sue-Belle should he break them.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 高級品クタニ焼きのツボ (Koukyūhin Kutaniyaki no Tsubo) High Class Kutani Ware Vases



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