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Hyrule Warriors Legends Tutorials Extra-Effective Item Attacks (Tutorial Picture)

Extra-Effective Item Attacks Tutorial picture showing how to perform it on a Lizalfos from Hyrule Warriors Legends

Extra-Effective Item Attacks is a item-based technique used to attack common strong enemies (Enforcers) while they are preparing a powerful attack or performing a certain action in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, Extra-Effective Item Attacks are secret way to knock strong enemies off balance while preparing a specific attack/action causing them to damage nearby enemy units (their allies) and exposing their weak point gauge by using a specific item on them. However it only works when the attack is being prepared.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

In Legends, Extra-Effective Item Attacks appear mostly as they did in Hyrule Warriors, though a new additional feature of an icon showing the item required it initiate it will appear over the enemies head when they are vulnerable Extra-Effective attacks, which makes performing the technique much easier as it shows both the item and the point said enemy is vulnerable to it.

List of Enemies & Effective Attack Items

  • Aeralfos - Use the Hookshot/Clawshot on a Aeralfos while it is preparing its aerial fire breath attack. Alternatively, the player can use these to pull down flying Aeralfos to the ground to expose their weak point gauge, though it will not cause them to damage other enemies (Note: The latter sometimes fails to effect strong Aeralfos in certain scenarios).
  • Big Blins - Use the Hammer/Upgraded Hammer when a Big Blin raises its club over its head with both hands, causing it lose its balance and fall on ground, flailing its club around damaging is allies and other enemies.
  • Big Poe - Use the Bow/Sacred Bow when a Big Poe is charging a powerful flame attack from its lantern, causing it to lose control of the flame, damaging nearby its allies.
  • Darknuts - Use the Boomerang/Gale Boomerang on a Darknut while it is preparing its two-sword attack rush.
  • Gibdos - Use an Bow/Sacred Bow on a Gibdo when it is preparing to spew purple fog around itself, causing it to damaging nearby enemies and its allies.
  • Lizalfos - Use Bombs/Super Bombs when it is Fire Breath and shield arm combo, knocking it off balance causing it to spew flames as it spins around, damaging nearby enemies and its allies.
  • Moblins - Use Bombs/Super Bombs when it is preparing its spear-based Spin Attack-Belly Flop combo, which will knock the Moblin off balance damaging nearby enemies and its allies.

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