"Isn't songwriting the job of the bandleader? What, you're not happy with my songs?"
— Evan

Evan is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a Zora and the bandleader/piano player of the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's; however, he does not appreciate creative input from his fellow band members, preferring to pitch all new ideas himself. Evan resembles an eel and as such, he is one of the first Zora to have distinct physical features from other members of his race. The melody he plays on the piano in his room is the game over music from The Legend of Zelda.


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If, in his Hylian form, Link plays for Evan the tune Mikau co-wrote with Japas (which was later completed during the Jam Session), he will be impressed and give Link a Piece of Heart; subsequently, Evan will claim authorship of the song. If Link plays him the song in his Deku or Goron forms, Evan will remark that he's never heard the song before. If Link plays the song while in his Zora form, Evan will scold him for writing songs with Japas behind his back. Despite his creative egotism, Evan displays kindness and considerable tact, encouraging Link (disguised as Mikau) to rescue Lulu's eggs. He mentions that he is keeping this information from the rest of the band, and will praise Link if shown an egg.

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