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Error (エラー Erā?) is a character from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He is a man residing in the Town of Ruto who helps Link in his quest. Due to the perceived absurdity of his name and dialogue, Error achieved a certain level of infamy among video game fans, and eventually became part of one of the most widespread and popular Internet memes based on the Legend of Zelda series, despite being a relatively minor character appearing in only one game.

In the years before knowledge of his original Japanese name was easily accessible, it was mistakenly believed that his dialogue, "I AM ERROR", was the result of the game's programming suffering from a bug which caused the game not to render his name correctly, rather replacing that part of the game's script with an error message.


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When Link first arrives in the Town of Ruto, Error introduces himself to Link, exclaiming the famous phrase "I AM ERROR." Later, when Link arrives in the Harbor Town of Mido, a man there advises that he ask Error about how to enter the seemingly inaccessible and isolated Island Palace. When he does so, Error tells him about a hidden tunnel south of Kings Tomb. Link enters the tunnel, and finds that it indeed leads to the location of the palace.

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In the Water Town of Saria resides a very similar character named Bagu. As Bagu is how the word "bug" would be rendered in romanized Japanese, it is possible that Error and Bagu were both intentionally named so as to make a reference to error messages and software bugs, respectively.

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