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The Era of the Wilds is an Era in the Zelda Timeline.[1] The Era of the Wilds goes unnamed in Breath of the Wild.


BotW Hyrule Castle Close Up

Princess Zelda holding back Calamity Ganon within Hyrule Castle

The Era of the Wilds is marked by the destruction of Hyrule Kingdom and the collapse and reconstruction of Hylian society following the second Great Calamity. During this time, Princess Zelda kept Calamity Ganon contained to the ruins of Hyrule Castle.[2] A great many settlements were destroyed in the Calamity, and very few people survived.

Link's Slumber of Restoration[]

After collapsing during the Great Calamity, Link slept for 100 years in the Shrine of Resurrection.[3] Following this, rumors spread about what happened to Link at Blatchery Plain. While most believed that he died, stories spread about him being put into a deep sleep so he could return to fight Calamity Ganon.[4]

Aware of Link's condition, the Koroks of Korok Forest prepared the Korok Trials for him.[5]

Age of Burning Fields[]

Main article: Age of Burning Fields

The Age of Burning Fields began in Necluda following the Great Calamity.[6] During this time, farming in the Region was impossible due to the destruction incurred during the Guardians' attack.[7] Eventually, Necluda recovered enough for Hateno Village to start harvesting crops, leading to it becoming self-sufficient.[8]

Divine Beasts' Rampage[]

Prior to the beginning of Breath of the Wild, the Divine Beasts were reactivated and began rampaging in their respective Regions.[9][10] Divine Beast Vah Medoh started circling above Rito Village, attacking any Rito who flew too close.[11][12] Meanwhile, Divine Beast Vah Naboris stormed through the East Barrens and causing Lightning strikes, which made the Gerudo fearful of it coming towards Gerudo Town.[13][14] Divine Beast Vah Rudania began stomping on Death Mountain, causing the Scorching Climate and Magma Bombs throughout the Eldin Canyon.[15] To deal with this, Bludo began launching Yunobo at the Divine Beast with his Cannons while he was shielded by Daruk's Protection, preventing it from crossing the Death Caldera.[16] Finally, Divine Beast Vah Ruta generated an endless amount of Rain from the East Reservoir Lake, threatening to flood both Zora's Domain and the Hylian settlements downstream.[17] Due to this, Sidon began searching for a Hylian who could help him face the Divine Beast.[18]

Breath of the Wild[]

Hearing the voice of Princess Zelda, Link wakes up in the Shrine of Resurrection after 100 years.[3][19] As Link explores the Great Plateau, Zelda instructs him to head to the location marked on his Sheikah Slate's Map.[20] This leads Link to the top of the Great Plateau Tower, which is partially exposed in the ground. Placing his Sheikah Slate into the Sheikah Slate Pedestal activates the Tower, causing it and the other Sheikah Towers to rise from beneath the ground.[21] At the top of the Great Plateau Tower, Princess Zelda bids Link to remember, informing him that he has been asleep for 100 years.[22] As Malice begins to swirl around Hyrule Castle, Zelda warns Link that the world will end when Calamity Ganon regains its power.[23] She begs Link to rescue her soon, or else it may be too late.[24]

After leaving the Great Plateau, Link can enter Hyrule Castle at any time to face Calamity Ganon. The fight begins once Link enters the Throne Room, which makes up the first floor of the Sanctum. If Link did not reclaim a Divine Beast, its respective Blight Ganon will appear in the Throne Room to confront him. After all Blight Ganons have been defeated, Ganon's Cocoon will emit a golden glow, and Link will hear Princess Zelda's voice.[25] She apologizes, revealing that her power is not strong enough to hold Calamity Ganon any longer.[26] A Guardian laser then erupts from the Cocoon, and Calamity Ganon crashes through the floor of the Throne Room. This causes both him and Link to fall into the Astral Observatory. If any Divine Beasts have been purified, their pilots will unleash their attacks on Calamity Ganon.[27][28][29][30]

BotW Destroy Ganon

Princess Zelda sealing Calamity Ganon

Once both Calamity Ganon and Dark Beast Ganon have been defeated, Princess Zelda will emerge from inside its body. Using her sacred power, she seals Calamity Ganon away once more. Standing in Windvane Meadow, Zelda admits that she has been watching over Link during his journey.[31] For the past 100 years, she has always believed that he would be able to defeat Calamity Ganon.[32] Turning to Link, Zelda thanks him, and she asks if he remembers her.[33]

After gazing upon Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda and Link share a look and walk away. As they do so, the spirits of King Rhoam and the Champions can be seen looking down on them. The spirits then begin to disappear, and by the time they turn around to face them again, they are already gone.

Tears of the Kingdom[]


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