The Energy Gauge is a game mechanic from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. A horizontal purple-colored meter located in the lower left corner of the upper screen, it is what powers the usage of a majority of Link's available actions. The gauge's allotted energy may be extended with the aid of a Stamina Scroll. In early builds of the game, it looked decidedly similar to the Magic Meter, with which it already shares many similarities, being green, as well as more angular in shape.

Almost every action that can be performed with an item drains a certain amount of energy from the gauge. When the gauge reaches zero, it must recharge for a little while before items become usable again. If a given action will fully deplete the meter, the action will proceed regardless of whether the remaining energy matches up with the number of energy units said action usually drains. The gauge is restored gradually when inactive; however, it may be filled instantly by picking up purple decanters found in various places. All "Nice" upgraded items have a reduced cost of energy consumption.

When used in conjunction with merging, the gauge will continually drain at a steady pace. If Link has not exited merge mode on his own volition before the meter is fully drained, he will be forcibly ejected onto whatever is directly below him, be it safe ground, water, or a pitfall.

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