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This article is about the recurring phenomenal force. For the character featured in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, see Mr. Energy.

Energy is a recurring phenomenal force in The Legend of Zelda series. Energy can refer to a force that resides in every living being, but can also refer to a usable source of power used to perform certain actions and use items, similar to Magic Power.


Spirit Tracks

Carben releases a Force Gem due to his increased level of Energy
In Spirit Tracks, Energy is what resides in every living being, and is similar to the Energy that powers the Spirit Tracks. When a person becomes especially happy or grateful, their spirits will emit Energy and, once the Energy has built enough, it will transform into a Force Gem and reveal more Spirit Tracks.[1] To fully complete the Rail Map, Link must release people's Energies by completing tasks that they ask him to do. Once he fulfills the required task, that certain person will emit Energy and, as a result, a Force Gem that recuperates more Spirit Tracks.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Energy is a usable power source that has a similar function to Magic Power. Link uses Energy whenever he uses an item, and whenever he merges with a wall and transforms into a painting. Using an item will use up a set amount of Energy, whereas wall merging will steadily decrease Link's Energy until it is depleted, in which case he will revert to his normal self. Like Magic Power, Energy uses an Energy Gauge to display Link's current amount of Energy. Unlike Magic Power, however, Energy will gradually restore itself after a few seconds. In areas that make extensive use of Link's Energy, he will be able to find purple Energy Potions to instantly restore his Energy.

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, Energy appears the same as it did in A Link Between Worlds. Whenever a Link uses an item or performs an action such as swimming quickly, he will use up some of his Energy. The Energy will recover if given time. Unlike the Hearts, which are shared by all Links, each Link has his own Energy Gauge. The exception to this are the Doppels, who both share Link's Energy Gauge as they are controlled by him.

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  1. "Every living being possesses an energy... And this energy is similar to the energy that powers the Spirit Tracks. When a person's heart is especially happy or grateful... His energy levels become particularly strong. Energy lives in the hearts of everyone, even feeble old fellows like me... [...] When you make people happy, their spirits emit energy. When this energy builds, new tracks appear." — Carben (Spirit Tracks)
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