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Enemy Weapons are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed] They are hand-held weapons carried by enemies that can be stolen and used by Link. In The Wind Waker, enemies such as Bokoblins, Moblins, and Darknuts are commonly armed with these weapons. Once Link has forced an enemy to drop their weapon, he can pick it up and temporarily use it himself in place of his Sword. Link uses this technique in Skyward Sword during his battle with Koloktos.

Link may use these weapons until he is disarmed or leaves the area. In The Wind Waker, they can be thrown away or towards enemies at will. Also in The Wind Waker, disarmed enemies will attempt to rearm themselves with any available Enemy Weapon, even if it is not the one they were originally carrying. If they cannot obtain a new weapon, they will resort to punches and kicks.

Location and Uses[]

The Wind Waker[]

Boko Stick[]

Boko Stick

A Boko Stick is a flammable stick that is often wielded by Bokoblins. Boko Babas also drop these items upon death. Boko Sticks are very similar to the Deku Stick from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in appearance and functionality. For example, in some dungeons and locations in the Overworld, Link is rewuired to use them to light torches or burn planks blocking doorways. Link can attack enemies with the Boko Stick and perform the Spin Attack, and after jumping, he can also perform a jump attack.



A Machete is a weapon used by Bokoblins. It appears as a large, crudely made sword, which is powerful enough to break through wooden barriers. It is primarily utilized in Dragon Roost Cavern.

Moblin Spear[]

Moblin Spear

A Moblin Spear is a weapon often used by Moblins. It takes the form of a long spear with a crooked shaft and long, orange ribbons below the blade. Its form is similar to that of a glaive or naginata. Moblins can use these spears to stab forwards or to swing around in an arc.

Darknut Sword[]

Darknut Sword

A Darknut Sword is a weapon used by Darknuts. It is very large in size, resembling a cross between a flamberge and a broadsword. Darknuts use the weapon one-handed; however, due to its large size, Link must use both hands to wield it. Though it has the same strength as a Moblin Spear, a Darknut Sword is capable of breaking stone pillars, while a Moblin Spear is not.

Stalfos Club[]

Stalfos Club

A Stalfos Club is a weapon used by Stalfos. It takes the form of a large, very heavy spiked metal club, which the Stalfos wield with difficulty, often spinning uncontrollably whenever they swing it. Like the Darknut Sword, it is capable of breaking stone pillars. It closely resembles a kanabō, a weapon used in feudal Japan.

Phantom Ganon's Sword[]

Phantom Ganon's Sword

This sword is wielded only by Phantom Ganon, and he will only drop it when Link defeats him. This weapon can only be used when Link is in the maze-like area within Ganon's Tower. When Phantom Ganon drops the sword, its hilt will always fall pointing towards the direction which Link needs to go to continue the maze. When Link has dealt the final blow to Phantom Ganon, his sword can be used to destroy a large door blocking Link's way to the top of the fortress.

Skyward Sword[]

Koloktos's Swords[]

One of Koloktos's Swords

The boss of the Ancient Cistern, Koloktos, carries one sword in each of its six arms. Link can retrieve them by pulling off each arm with the Whip and using it to slash at Koloktos's chest. This is the only way to damage and eventually defeat Koloktos.


  • In The Wind Waker, if Link places a Jar with Boko Sticks close to a lit torch, the sticks in the jar will light. When in the jar, the sticks will burn indefinitely.
  • In The Wind Waker, if Link breaks a Water Pot over an ignited Boko Stick, it will douse the flames.
  • The Swords used by Phantoms in Spirit Tracks strongly resemble the ones used by Darknuts in The Wind Waker.