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This article evaluates the type and the attack strength of every opponent in the Zelda Game, Twilight Princess. The attack strength is in terms of the amount of Rupees that Link loses while wearing the Magic Armor. Unknown values are indicated with a question mark (?). If a an exact value is unknown, but it is known to be greater than a certain number, then it will be indicated by a greater than sign (>) and the number. Rupees Lost for opponents that can not be fought with the Magic Armor will have to be determined by the amount of Hearts lost. Opponents that cause no damage at all are indicated by a line (——————) through the "Rupees Lost" box.

The research is incomplete but a preliminary analysis indicates that the following values for Rupees lost translates to a certain amount of hearts lost. These equivalences are subject to change until the research is complete. This is generally how the two values relate, but there are exceptions.

Rupees Lost Hearts Lost
1010 1/4
20 1/4
20 1/2
30 1/2
50 1/2
50 1
100 ?
200 ?
250 ?

There are seven types of opponents. These definitions are unique to this article and do not necessarily apply elsewhere. Here are the opponent types, in order of significance:

  • Final Boss is any final boss in the game (i.e. Puppet Zelda, Beast Ganon, Ganondorf).
  • Boss is the final opponent in a level, signified by its full name being displayed and a Heart Container being given upon its defeat.
  • Mini-Boss is a unique opponent, or one that is fought more than once, were much more dramatic music than normal is played and it is protecting either an item, or passage to an key area, or a has a person (i.e. King Bulblin with Colin).
  • Semi-Boss is an opponent that acts like a mini-boss, but is not unique (i.e. they spawn elsewhere (i.e. Darknut)). This type does not include Mini-Bosses that exist in a finite quantity (i.e. the four Poes in the Arbiter's Grounds).
  • Special is a opponent that serves a functional purpose, but does not fall under the first four types (i.e. Imp Poes, Bomblings, ChuChus, etc.). This includes enemies that are the spawn of bosses.
  • Normal is a just a normal opponent.
  • Good is an opponent that not in the above types and is normally benign (i.e. Goron, Goat).

Here are

Enemy Type Rupees Lost Hearts Lost
AeralfosAeralfos Semi-Boss 2020 0.51/2
ArgorokArgorok Boss 5050 11
ArmogohmaArmogohma Boss 5050 1
ArmosArmos Normal 5050 0.51/2
Baba SerpentBaba Serpent Normal 10101010 0.251/4
Baby GohmaBaby Gohma Normal 10101010 0.251/4
BariBari Normal Unknown? Unknown?
BeamosBeamos Normal 10101010 0.251/4
BeeBee Normal 10101010 0.251/4
Big BabaBig Baba Semi-Boss 20 0.51/2
Blade TrapBlade Trap Normal 1010 0.251/4
BlizzetaBlizzeta Boss 5050 0.51/2
BokoblinBokoblin Normal 1010 0.251/4
BombfishBombfish Special Unknown? Unknown?
BomblingBombling Special Unknown? Unknown?
BomskitBomskit Special 1010 0.251/4
BubbleBubble Normal 1010 0.251/4
BulblinBulblin Normal 1010 0.251/4
BullboBullbo Special 0—————— 0——————
ChilfosChilfos Normal 1010 0.251/4
ChuChuChuchu Special 1010 0.251/4
Chu WormChu Worm Normal 1010 0.251/4
DangoroDangoro Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
DarkhammerDarkhammer Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Darknut (With Armor)Darknut (With Armor) Semi-Boss 5050 11
Darknut (No Armor)Darknut (No Armor) Semi-Boss 20 0.51/2
Death SwordDeath Sword Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
DiababaDiababa Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Deku BabaDeku Baba Normal 1010 0.251/4
Deku LikeDeku Like Normal 1010 0.251/4
Deku ToadDeku Toad Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
DodongoDodongo Normal 1010 0.251/4
DynalfosDynalfos Normal 3030 0.51/2
BeastFyrus Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Ganon (Beast)Ganon (Beast) Final Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Ganondorf (Horseback)Ganondorf (Horseback) Final Boss Unknown? Unknown?
GanondorfGanondorf Final Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Ghoul RatGhoul Rat Normal 0—————— 0——————
GoatGoat Good 0—————— 0——————
Gohma LarvaGohma Larva Special 1010 0.251/4
GoronGoron Good 1010 0.251/4
GuayGuay Normal 1010 0.251/4
HelmasaurHelmasaur Normal 1010 0.251/4
HelmasaurusHelmasaurus Normal 3030 0.51/2
Imp PoeImp Poe Normal 1010 0.251/4
KargarokKargarok Normal 1010 0.251/4
KeeseKeese Normal 1010 0.251/4
King Bulblin (Bridge of Eldin)King Bulblin (Bridge of Eldin) Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
King Bulblin (Great Hylian Bridge)King Bulblin (Great Hylian Bridge) Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
King Bulblin (Bulblin Camp)King Bulblin (Bulblin Camp) Mini-Boss >200 >2
King Bulblin (Hyrule Castle)King Bulblin (Hyrule Castle) Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
LeeverLeever Normal 1010 0.251/4
LizalfosLizalfos Normal 1010 0.251/4
Lord BulboLord Bullbo Special 0—————— 0——————
Mini FreezardMini Freezard Normal 1010 0.251/4
MoldormMoldorm Normal 1010 0.251/4
MorpheelMorpheel Boss Unknown? Unknown?
OokOok Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
PeahatPeahat Special 0—————— 0——————
Phantom ZantPhantom Zant Mini-Boss 3030 0.753/4
PoePoe Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
PuppetPuppet Special 1010 0.251/4
Puppet ZeldaPuppet Zelda Final Boss Unknown? Unknown?
RatRat Normal 1010 0.251/4
ReDeadReDead Normal 5050 0.51/2
Shadow BeastShadow Beast Special 3030 0.753/4
Shadow Deku BabaShadow Deku Baba Normal 1010 0.251/4
Shadow InsectShadow Insect Special 1010 0.251/4
Shadow KargorokShadow Kargarok Normal 1010 0.251/4
Shadow VerminShadow Vermin Normal 1010 0.251/4
Shell BladeShell Blade Normal 1010 0.251/4
SkullfishSkullfish Normal 1010 0.251/4
Skull KidSkull Kid Mini-Boss 0—————— 0——————
SkulltulaSkulltula Normal 1010 0.251/4
SkullwalltulaSkullwalltula Normal 1010 0.251/4
StalfosStalfos Normal 2020 0.251/4
StalhoundStalhound Normal 1010 0.251/4
StalkinStalkin Normal 1010 0.251/4
StallordStallord Boss Unknown? Unknown?
StaltroopStaltroop Special 0—————— 0——————
StatueStatue Good 5050 11
TekiteTektite Normal 1010 0.251/4
Tile WormTile Worm Normal 1010 0.251/4
ToadoToado Special 1010 0.251/4
ToadpoliToadpoli Normal 1010 0.251/4
Torch SlugTorch Slug Normal 1010 0.251/4
Twilit BloatTwilit Bloat Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
Twilit Carrier KargarokTwilit Carrier Kargarok Mini-Boss Unknown? Unknown?
White WolfosWhite Wolfos Normal 1010 0.251/4
ZantZant Boss 2020 0.51/2
Zant's HandZant's Hand Special 00—————— 00——————
Zant's MaskZant's Mask Normal 3030 0.51/2