The Endless Trap is a location from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Found within the Hidden Palace, the Endless Trap is an elaborate illusion of sorts; it is an "endless pit" made up of only four floors. When Link jumps into the Endless Trap, he will free fall from one floor to the next. When he hits the bottom floor, however, the pit loops and takes the hero back to the top. Link can proceed deeper into the dungeon and acquire the Cross by traveling eastwards on the first floor or journey to the boss, Barba, by traveling eastwards from the third floor. Link can also obtain a P Bag on the second or forth floor. The Endless Trap's properties are never explained, but it is revealed to be infamous among the villagers of the Hidden Town of Kasuto. Link can abuse the properties of the Endless Trap to acquire several red Magic Containers from the Iron Knuckle statue just above the first floor.

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