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Not to be confused with the Fatal Blow, a similar ability used in Skyward Sword.
Ending Blow
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The Ending Blow is an ability in Twilight Princess.[1]


The Ending Blow is the first Hidden Skill that is taught to Link by the Hero's Spirit. It is the only Hidden Skill that must be learned in order to advance through Link's quest. Furthermore, The Ending Blow is the only skill that does not require howling at a Howling Stone to be able to learn the Hidden Skill.

As its name implies, the Ending Blow is a decisive stroke that will eliminate most Enemies if properly executed. Once an Enemy is temporarily knocked down, Link will have a chance to finish off the foe by jumping in the air and performing a Down Thrust right into the enemy's chest, thus instantly defeating it. The chance to execute this skill is notified when the player is prompted to press the Action Button on the controller when "Finish" appears on the screen. If the button is pressed, Link will dispatch the downed foe with a jump and a downward thrust of his Master Sword or Ordon Sword. However, if the enemy moves out of the way, Link will be temporarily vulnerable while trying to pull his Master Sword out of the ground.

The Ending Blow can also be used on certain bosses and minibosses, such as the Deku Toad. The Ending Blow is used in the final part of the battle against Ganondorf. Once Link has dealt enough damage to Ganondorf to knock him down to the ground, Link will use this Hidden Skill to deliver the final blow to Ganondorf, thrusting the Master Sword into Ganondorf's chest and thus defeating him.

Torch Slugs are the only Enemies that will prompt an Ending Blow "Finish" without taking damage. If Link executes the Ending Blow too quickly, the Torch Slug will emit a burst of flames that will fling Link off before he has a chance to make contact. If Link waits for the Torch Slug to emit the burst before striking, he will defeat it with ease.


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  1. "The ending blow is a secret technique you can use on stunned enemies to end their breath before they spring back into action." — Hero's Spirit (Twilight Princess HD)