"Empty Well
Entry prohibited due to ghost sightings!

The Empty Well, also known as Ikana's Well, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a well found near the top of Ikana Canyon, but as its name implies, it is dried up and produces no water.


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When Link first arrives in Ikana, the region is cursed as being an undead wasteland. Near the top of Ikana Canyon, Link finds a Music Box House that is being patrolled by several Gibdos. After playing the "Song of Storms" for Sharp in Spring Water Cave, however, the Music Box House starts playing again and the Gibdos disappear from the region. When this happens, the little girl living in the Music Box House starts making routine trips to check on the Empty Well at the top of the hill. During these trips, Link is given the chance to enter the house and travel to the basement, where he finds an armoire. When the hero approaches the piece of furniture, a monster emerges. Link can play the "Song of Healing" to heal the monster's soul, returning the creature to its true form; that of the little girl's Hylian father. As a token for saving the man, Link receives the Gibdo Mask, which he can use to successfully traverse the dark caverns below the Empty Well.

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