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The Emerald Tablet is an item in Skyward Sword.[1]

Location and Uses

The Emerald Tablet is found Inside the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. When Link first enters and receives the Goddess Sword, Fi materializes the tablet to give to Link and instructs him to hit the Goddess Crest with a Skyward Strike.[2] Link does this, raising an altar in which the Emerald Tablet can be inserted. When he inserts the tablet, a break in the clouds appears in the southeastern part of the Sky and a pillar of green light radiates from it.[3] This marks the way to Faron Woods.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese緑宝珠の石版 (Midori Houshu no Sekiban) (SS)Green Jewel Tablet
CanadaFrenchCAStèle émeraude (SS) 
FranceFrenchEUMorceau de stèle (émeraude) (SS) 
GermanyGermanSmaragd-Tafel (SS)Same as English
Latin AmericaSpanishLALitografía del orbe verde (SS) 
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  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 122 (SS)
  2. "Master, the first thing you must do is hit the crest sitting in this room with a Skyward Strike. These blasts are formed of pure energy that charges within your blade when you lift it skyward. Once you have charged your blade, face the crest and swing your sword to send out a powerful Skyward Strike." — Fi (Skyward Sword)
  3. "Master Link, it is done. Until now, a cloud barrier created by the goddess has separated the world you know from the one below. The tablet you placed in the altar has opened a small rift in the cloud barrier. You can use it to travel through the clouds to the realm below. I have recognized you as my master, and so it is my duty to follow you wherever you may go." — Fi (Skyward Sword)