"You got Elixir Soup! This healthy soup your grandmother makes replenishes all of your life energy and magic power! Your attack power also doubles until the first time you take damage! Now THAT is one hearty soup! And your kind old grandmother filled your bottle so full that there's two helpings inside! Isn't she the sweetest?"
— In-game text

Elixir Soup is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A soup made by Link's Grandma, it will fully heal Link's health and magic if he drinks it. Aside from that, however, it will also double his attack strength, making Link's sword glow until he takes damage. When obtained, Elixir Soup is stored inside a bottle and can be used for two servings.

Link can get Elixir Soup after he cures his grandmother from her illness. Link does this by capturing a fairy in a bottle and releasing it near her to heal her. After she is healed, Link can return anytime to get a bottle of soup from her.

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