The Elements are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. These four elements are the physical embodiments of the four elements fire, earth, wind and water. Link must retrieve all four for his White Sword to transform into the mythical Four Sword. The four elements can be found in the dungeons of Hyrule.

Once obtained, Link's sword must be infused with one of the elements in the Elemental Sanctuary hidden deep inside the walls of Hyrule Castle. Once this has been done, the sword allows Link to create replicas of himself for a short while if the sword is charged. These doppelganger Links can be used to hold down multiple switches and push large blocks. The more elements Link has infused the sword with, the more replicas of himself appear when the sword is charged. The maximum number of copies Link can make of himself is four.

The four elements look identical to the four Jewels from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures in both colour and shape and are most likely the same objects. Another strange but interesting fact that some have discovered is that the Wind, Fire and Water elements respectively look like the Kokiri's Emerald, Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire, the three Spiritual Stones from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Earth Element

The Earth Element is the first element Link must obtain. It can be found in the game's first dungeon, the Deepwood Shrine.

Fire Element

The Fire Element is the second element Link must obtain. It can be found in the game's second dungeon, the Cave of Flames. It is only after obtaining this second element that the two elements Link has obtained can be infused with the White Sword, which he obtains from Melari the smith after the completion of the Cave of Flames.

Water Element

The Water Element is the third element Link must obtain. It can be found in the game's fourth dungeon, the Temple of Droplets. When infused with the White Sword, the sword transforms into the Empowered White Sword.

Wind Element

The Wind Element is the fourth and final element Link must obtain gather. It can be found in the game's fifth and final normal dungeon, the Palace of Winds. When infused with the Empowered White Sword, the legendary Four Sword is created and Link can create a total of four copies of himself. Desptie being the final Element Link gains it was the third he set out to get by visiting the thrid dungeon, the Fortress of Winds but unfortunetly by the time Link arrived the wind tribe had moved to the Cloud Tops.

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