The Elemental Sanctuary is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Bridged between the Light World and Minish World, its entrance is found on the north wall of a garden within Hyrule Castle, although only Hylian children and the Minish themselves can perceive and enter it. The doorway to the Elemental Sanctuary opens only once per century.

Each time Link gathers one of the Four Elements, he is able to enter the Elemental Sanctuary briefly to infuse the element to the White Sword, reforged from the broken Picori Blade. The sword is filled with the elemental power when it is placed on the central pedestal in the room of the sanctuary. Once the sword has absorbed the power of all four elements, it becomes the sacred Four Sword and gains the ability to break people from Vaati's curse of petrification with its beams.

Depending on how many elements Link has infused with the sword, he has the ability to create temporary copies of himself when he has focused power in his blade while on top of glowing panels. Two elements make one copy, three elements make two copies, and all four elements allow Link to duplicate himself three times. This is essential to leave the room which have the elements as the exhibits since there are buttoms which require multiple copies of Link to be pushed and open the door to leave.

It is possible to enter the Elemental Sanctuary with the Smith's Sword, when the player is given liberty to leave the castle after Zelda is turned into stone by Vaati. However, if the player enters the innermost room with the elemental stands, the player will not be able to escape.

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