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The Electric Blob King is the Boss of Buzz Blob Cave, which serves as the Mini-Boss of Woodlands, in Tri Force Heroes.[1] He is a gigantic, yellow Buzz Blob wearing a crown.


When the Electric Blob King emerges into the battlefield, he will slowly crawl along the ground. The red core inside his gelatinous body is his weak point, however because of his electrified body, it cannot be struck with the sword. Doing so will only shock the attacking Link. Instead the Links must hit his red core by firing Arrows at it using the Bow. After taking enough damage, the Electric Blob King will grow slightly taller, and his speed will increase. He will then fire four electrical blasts from his feet as he slowly turns around, requiring that the Links dodge and move away from the electricity until it stops. Electric Blob King will continue to fire electrical blasts every so often.

As his increased height leaves the core out of reach, the Links must then form a Totem with two Links and have the top Link fire an Arrow at it. After receiving enough damage, Electric Blob King will grow to full size and begin to move faster, now requiring that the Links form a full Totem of three to hit his core. After several more hits, Electric Blob King will be defeated.

In the Drablands Challenge, "Clear using only Bombs!", the Links are forced to use Bombs as opposed to the Bow on the Electric Blob King. The Links can damage him by throwing Bombs at his core. While forming a Totem, the top Link will also need to do this when the Electric Blob King grows in height. The Big Bombs produced by the Big Bomb Outfit are strong enough to inflict enough damage to immediately make the Electric Blob King grow and enter its next phase, making it possible to defeat him with only three Big Bombs. In "Clear within the time limit!", the Electric Blob King is also accompanied by a group of Buzz Blobs.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デンキブロブキング (Denki Burobu Kingu) Electric Blob King

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