"This large bird makes its home in the volcanic region of Elidin. Their heat-resistant feathers and skin are evolutionary traits produced by the harsh environment. Their wings are too small to facilitate flight, but their long legs make them pretty speedy runners."
Hyrule Compendium

Eldin Ostriches are a subspecies of Ostrich from Breath of the Wild.

These large birds make their home in the hot and volcanic Eldin province, from which they get their name, and are well adapted to their environment with heat resistant feathers and skin. They have small, flightless, wings and rely on their long, strong, balld, yellow legs. They are skilled runners. The majority of their feathers are red in color, with the exception of their thighs and chin, which are white. Their eyes glow green in the dark.

Like most birds, they are weary of people and will flee or attack Link if he gets too close, making them the only initially hostile bird in the game. Like many animals in Breath of the Wild they can be killed by for food and will drop Raw Bird Thigh or Raw Whole Bird when killed.

Eldin Ostriches tend to live either on their own or in groups of up to three.

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