"You got some Eldin Ore! This hard concretion sparkles brightly. It also has lots of different uses."
— In-game description

Eldin Ores are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link can find these in various chests and digging spots in the Eldin Volcano region of The Surface. He can bring them to the Scrap Shop in the Skyloft Bazaar in order to upgrade his equipment. It can also occasionally be found by digging in digging spots outside the fence of the Thrill Digger area and digging spots inside the Earth Temple. It is also sometimes dropped by Gossip Stones when they are summoned with the Goddess's Harp. It is also one of the three possible prizes for scoring 400 to 590 in Pumpkin Pull.

Eldin Ore can be used to upgrade the Iron Shield into the Reinforced Shield, the Reinforced Shield into the Fortified Shield, and the Bow into the Iron Bow. They can also be sold to Rupin in his house at night for 30 Rupees each.

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