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Eldin Mountains
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The Eldin Mountains are a sublocation of Eldin in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Eldin Mountains are a mountain range in far northwestern Eldin. Its mountains stretch to the far west of northern Hyrule toward Hebra, directly north of the Great Hyrule Forest. The range extends as far as Mount Drena and the Forgotten Temple.

The range is a highly mountainous area, consisting densely of tall peaks, steep foothills, and difficult terrain. The Mountains border along the northern ends of Hyrule, where a vast, bottomless cliff, an extension of Eldin's Flank of the Eldin Canyon, runs beside it. The eastern range consists largely of a dead and barren wasteland, characterized by its dead trees and scattered skeletal remains. This landscape is also shared with northern Eldin Canyon. Further towards the west, the Eldin Mountains gradually turn more lively with grassy foothills and a few trees, but remains rugged for most of the entire stretch.

Mountain Goats and Maraudo Wolves inhabit the Mountains throughout.

Deplian Badlands

Main article: Deplian Badlands

The Deplian Badlands are the central portion of the entire Deplian Badlands area. The area is a barren clearing in the mountain range. A Lynel patrols the area.

Drenan Highlands

Main article: Drenan Highlands

The Drenan Highlands are a clearing in western Eldin Mountains. The Highlands have little vegetation in the form of grass patches. A Lynel patrols the area.

East Deplian Badlands

Main article: East Deplian Badlands

The East Deplian Badlands are a clearing in eastern Eldin Mountains. Despite being in close proximity to Eldin's wastelands, the area has some vegetation and trees.

Eldin Great Skeleton

Main article: Eldin Great Skeleton

The Eldin Great Skeleton is a giant Leviathan skeleton in eastern Eldin Mountains, situated within Eldin proper. It is a skeleton that consists of a skull and a ribcage partially buried underground. A group of monsters live within its ribcage.

West Deplian Badlands

Main article: West Deplian Badlands

The West Deplian Badlands are a clearing in western Eldin Mountains. The area is largely barren and featureless.


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