This article is about the Light Spirit. For the province of the same name, see Eldin Province, or one of the Three Dragons with the same name, see Eldin (Skyward Sword).
"To the hero...who was transformed into a blue-eyed the realm of shadows... In twilight... ...This way..."
— Eldin

Eldin is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is the third Light Spirit that Link encounters. The spirit resides in Eldin Spring, where its power was stolen by Shadow Beasts, turning the area to twilight. After meeting with its broken spirit, which appears to be a small cloud, it gives Link the Vessel of Light to collect the Tears of Light. After all the Shadow Insects are destroyed, it will return Link to his true form.


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After Link beats the Goron Mines, Eldin tells him to travel to the land guarded by the spirit Lanayru.

At the battle with Ganondorf, Eldin lends some of its power to Princess Zelda by providing her with Light Arrows. After the battle, it is seen reviving Midna with the other light spirits.

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Eldin resembles a hawk or owl with very large wings. It holds its light in its talons.


It is likely that "Eldin" derives from the name "Din", the goddess of power.

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