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"How I miss the smell and sound of the sea... Back in my day, I was the best Zora musician. If I had an instrument, I could relive my youth."
— Elderly Zora

The Elderly Zora is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He is an elderly Zora who resides near the Coast of No Return.


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Elderly Zora

Link meets the Elderly Zora during the trading quest for the Noble Sword. The Old Zora longs to hear the sound of the sea again, but is too old to travel to Zora Village. When he sees Link's Sea Ukulele, he asks him for it. In return, he presents Link with the Broken Sword. Link then must take the sword to Patch on Restoration Wall in order to have it repaired and returned to its true form: the Noble Sword. If spoken to after his presentation of the Broken Sword, he ignores Link's question as to why the sword is broken by getting caught up in the sound of the Ukulele.

On an interesting note, the Elderly Zora mentions that he is capable of fixing anything, but his skill never comes into play during Link's quest.

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