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Elde Inn
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The exterior of the Elde Inn
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The Elde Inn is a location in Twilight Princess.[1] It is a two-story inn that is located in Kakariko Village. By the time Link arrives to the village, the inn is now a desolate place that has been seemingly destroyed when the Shadow Beasts raided Kakariko.[2]

Features and Overview

The inn is made up of the main lobby, a kitchen, and one bedroom with four beds. Above the inn is a Hot Spring which, like others in Hyrule, will slowly restore health as Link stands in its waters. Hot Spring Water can be scooped up into an empty Bottle for later use. The spring can be reached by jumping onto the building from the top of Malo Mart and climbing a flight of stairs. Alternately, Link can be launched to the bottom of the steps by a helpful Goron after clearing the Goron Mines.

When Link first arrives in Kakariko while it is covered in Twilight, the inn is infested with Shadow Insects. The children Colin, Malo, Talo, and Beth settle here after they are kidnapped by King Bulblin until they find a way to return to Ordon. After another attack from King Bulblin, Colin is captured while rescuing Beth. This leaves Colin severely injured and forced to rest in bed for the majority of the game; however, both Luda and Beth make sure that his recovery is pleasant. The Postman can also be found in the kitchen, drying off a letter he got wet.

After Link brings the injured Ralis to Kakariko, the Zora prince will be taken to the Elde Inn to rest, where Luda and Beth take care of him until he recovers. After which, Luda and Colin will then be the only inhabitants inside the Elde Inn.


The name of the inn is a pun on Eldin, which is both the name of the province in which Kakariko Village is located, as well as its protector.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French Republic FrenchEU Hôtel Dort-Dîne Triforce piece.png Sleep-Dines Hotel
Federal Republic of Germany German Hotel Eld Inn Eld Inn Hotel
Italian Republic Italian Locanda Hold in Triforce piece.png Hold in Inn
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Hotel Veleta del Destino Weathervane of Duty Hotel



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