The Elde Inn is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a small hotel situated in Kakariko Village. Above the hotel is a Hot Spring. It is a very relaxing place, where Gorons can often be seen bathing.


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When Link first arrives in Kakariko Village, the Elde Inn is rather desolate. After the raid of the village by King Bulblin and his hordes, however, Colin is made to rest there due to the injuries he received while rescuing Beth from being trampled by Lord Bullbo. He rests in a bed on the second floor, for a portion of the game, while Beth and Luda care for him. Prince Ralis also stays at the inn while he is being cared for by Renado.

Interestingly, the Postman can be found in the kitchen of the Elde Inn drying off a letter that got wet. He never seems to finish drying it, however, and whenever Link enters the kitchen, he will always be huddled in front of the fire attempting to dry the soggy letter.

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"Elde Inn" is a clear play on the word Eldin — a reference to the province of Eldin, in which Kakariko Village is located, which, in turn, was named after the Light Spirit, Eldin.

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