Eddo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This small-statured inhabitant of Cannon Island is an inventor of many ship-related things and has a very distorted view on money. He lives in his garage and wears a cast on his right arm that he tends to take out of his sling. It is unknown how he can build such things with it.

When Link first meets Eddo's apprentice, Fuzo, he tells Link to go around to the garage to get the Cannon from Eddo. Eddo then gives Link a Cannon for his ship. Later, Eddo contacts Link via mail, and offers to sell him the Salvage Arm. Depending on how loudly Link shouts (Link's "shouting" is controlled by the DS's microphone), the price will be 200, 300 or 1000 Rupees. He will refuse to sell it to him, however, if the microphone does not pick anything up. Eddo will also sell it at a reasonable price if Link snaps loudly enough or blows hard enough.

In the manga

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Eddo is virtually identical to his in-game personality and appearance, however, he is considerably more ill-tempered and stingy, considering 50 Rupees to be a ridiculous price for a cannon. He is also considerably more skilled, being able to rebuild his cannon from scratch in 5 minutes. Additionally, he hands out membership cards for his shop.

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