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Eddo is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[3]


Eddo is an inventor who runs a ship Garage at Cannon Island.[4] If Link takes the route around the island that his apprentice, Fuzo, recommends to him,[5] the hero will find Eddo in his garage. Eddo introduces himself as the owner of the shop and asks Link what he wants.[6] He is impressed that Link would brave the dangerous isle for one of his Cannons.[7] Eddo lets Link know his cannons are works of explosive art and are crafted from choice parts.[8] He says the hero will have to pay a large amount of Rupees for one and asks if he has the guts to hear how much.[9] Eddo says not to blame him for dropping a load of Rupees in his shop and reveals the Cannon will cost fifty Rupees.[10] Eddo asks Link if he is big enough to give up fifty whole Rupees.[11] Eddo goes on to say fifty Rupees can buy a good life on the isle and he could not blame him if he is unable to pay.[12] If Link agrees to the purchase, Eddo asks in surprise where he got fifty Rupees.[13] He continues that is does not matter as long as Link coughs up the cash and gives the Cannon to him.[14][15] Link can use the Cannon to defend himself on the Great Sea.[16] Eddo says he is next going to devise a Salvage Arm that can pull treasure from the seafloor.[17] Eddo bids Link farewell and tells him to use the door in the back to return to the dock.[18] Later, he sells Link the Salvage Arm,[16] with the price depending on how loud he yells for it (by using the Nintendo DS microphone).[19]

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

Eddo is first shown in the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa as he sprays the Bees attacking Link with bug spray. Link asks if he is Master Eddo.[20] Eddo says he is and asks the hero what he wants.[21] Ciela sees the debris around them and calls it a mountain of junk.[22] Eddo says these spare parts are a mountain of treasure to him and invites the two inside his shop.[23] Link thanks Eddo and says he is nice.[24] Inside Link finds Linebeck, who was able to enter the shop without using the trail because of his member's card.[25] Eddo asks if they want to buy a cannon.[26] Link pleads for him to sell one because of their need of it.[27] Eddo agrees to sell them one but states they are expensive and asks if they can afford it.[28] Link offers ten percent of the treasure they find.[29] Eddo states that is not enough.[30] He says a cannon will cost fifty Rupees.[31] Eddo tells Link that it is enough to open five junk yards and asks if he can pay.[32] Eddo admires Link's guts despite his size, so he decides to let him have a cannon for free.[33] To earn a cannon, Link has to ask with all his heart and make Eddo feel his need.[34] Link asks three times but doesn't convince Eddo.[35][36] Finally Link yells loud enough to convince Eddo.[37][38] However, Link's scream destroyed all the cannons so that Eddo must fix one.[39]


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