Old Man

The Eastmost Peninsula also known as Eastmost Penninsula is a location from The Legend of Zelda. It is mentioned once in the game by an Old Man in Level 1 though the limited text makes it unclear as to where, or even what, the Eastmost Peninsula is.

One possibility is that it is the area of the dungeon where the boss, Aquamentus, resides and thus where Link acquires the first piece of the Triforce of Wisdom. The area where Link fights Aquamentus and obtains the Triforce can only be accessed on one side through room infested by Wallmasters, making it a peninsula of sorts. This would mean the secret the Old Man refers to is the Triforce Piece itself.

Another possibility is that the Eastmost Peninsula is the area in the north east of the Overworld where Link can play Money Making Game. This area is seemingly surrounded by water with the exception of a single screen near Death Mountain connecting it to the rest of Hyrule. If this is intended to be the Eastmost Peninsula then the secret the Old Man refers to is likely the invisible wall leading to the north eastern most square on the Overworld where Link can find a Secret Moblin. In the Second Quest the Secret Moblin is instead replaced with a Merchant who can sell Link the Blue Ring. This area can also be reached from the south via Raft where an Old Man will offer Link a choice between a jar of 2nd Potion or a Heart Container.

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