The Eastern Suburbs is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Despite its name however, it is not truly a suburb of any sorts; instead it is a forest on the eastern outskirts of Horon Village.

Barring the large Windmill located atop a two-story building, the suburbs are mostly a sprawling plain/forest with numerous enemies roaming about. It is here that Link first spots Rosa the Subrosian, and follows her to the Subrosian Portal in the Woods of Winter.

The Windmill in the Eastern Suburbs also plays a minimal role in the story arc of Link's adventure. During the quest for the Noble Sword, Link must give the Engine Grease to Guru-Guru, the man in the Windmill, in order to receive the Phonograph. A Piece of Heart can be obtained inside the large central building by changing the season to winter and walking across the snowdrift to the second entrance.


Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs

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