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Eastern Hyrule, sometimes also referred to as East Hyrule or Eastern Continent is a region from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. As the name suggests, it lies to the east of Western Hyrule.

It is an island or continent accessible from the mainland via Raft from the Harbor Town of Mido. Link spends much of the latter part of his adventure exploring East Hyrule. Town of Nabooru, Mountain Town of Darunia, Kasuto and the Hidden Town of Kasuto are all found in east Hyrule. Alongside the Ocean, Hidden and Great Palaces. It is connected to the smaller Maze Island in the northeast via a bridge.


The Adventure of Link

The Great Hyrulean Sea lies to its west, and the Far Eastern Sea lies to its east.

Link's Awakening Events

According to The Library of the Hyrule Archives; During an overseas crossing to Eastern Hyrule, Link encountered a terrible storm and became shipwrecked on Koholint Island. Even though his mind was distracted by thoughts of never seeing Princess Zelda again, Link still managed to save the day by waking the legendary Wind Fish and restoring peace to the island.

The effects of waking the Wind Fish caused the entire ordeal to remained forever clouded in Link's memory, and he never quite knew whether he had dreamed the entire adventure, or whether he had once again slipped into a parallel universe. Many of the names of the people he met and the places he went were inspired by his very first adventure when he was just a boy. Regardless of the circumstances, the quest had seemed very real to Link and he discovered that he still had a lot of work to do when he landed in Eastern Hyrule.

Note: The biggest problem with the more extended backstory given in the "Hall of Knowledge" as it places Link's Awakening as happening during the events of Zelda II. This contradicts the Official Player's Guide, the manual for Link's Awakening, as well as later sources such as Hyrule Historia, which clearly place Link's Awakening after LTTP. In addition, the opening for Link's Awakening depicts Link on a boat, while in Zelda II, Link clearly used a raft to get to Eastern Hyrule.

Hyrule Historia

The Chronology section makes reference to 'eastern Hyrule' and discusses that it is the location of the Valley of Death and the Great Palace.


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