"Word is, they hold an auction every night over there on Windfall Island. Every night the people gather in the Hall of Wealth to amuse themselves by spending a little money. Ah, the rich! Auctions may be a race to see who can bid the highest, but I'll let you in on a little secret: the key to winning an auction is to be patient. I'm serious, fry!"

Eastern Fairy Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island upon the Great Sea within square C5, it is home to a Great Fairy. The entrance to her fountain is concealed by a large stone, rendering Link unable to receive access to it without the assistance of Bombs. The Great Fairy inside grants Link a larger Bomb Bag.

Olivio can be found on Eastern Fairy Island with a Withered Forest Tree that Link has to water with Forest Water to nurture it back to health.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

An 8-Bit version of the Eastern Fairy Island appears as a square on the Great Sea Adventure Mode map and Master Wind Waker DLC Adventure map.

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