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East Forest
Coast of the East Forest
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East Crossroads
Plain of Hobel

The East Forest is a location in Zelda's Adventure. It is a coastal forest located in eastern Tolemac.

Features and Overview

The East Forest is located in the far east of Tolemac. It is a small forest overlooking the coastal cliffs of the region, where it sits between the Vendoss swamp to the west and the Plain of Hobel to the east. It is a fairly open area with only a few trees and rocks dotting the land. On the northernmost cliff, a pair of citizens can be found sparring with each other with the intent of rebelling against Ganon, and shows Zelda their support and encouragement. The area otherwise has little interest other than leading to the Shrine of Strength to the east.

East Crossroads

The East Crossroads is a small area located next to the East Forest. Its only landmark is a single sign post with multiple signs pointing in three directions: Vendoss to the west (as well as directly to the south), the town of South Gubasha Desert to the north, and the East Forest to the east. Like the East Forest, it has little interest, and its sole purpose is to help direct Zelda to where she wants to go.

Minor Enemies