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East Clock Town is an area of Clock Town in Majora's Mask.[1]


Anju's Family

Main articles: Anju, Anju's Mother, Anju's Grandmother

Anju runs the Stock Pot Inn. She is a kind person, and runs the inn diligently. She is however a terrible cook, and her grandmother refuses to eat anything she makes.[2] Anju has been a little depressed lately over the disappearance of her fiancé, Kafei.

Anju's Mother is supportive of her daughter,[3] but not so much of Kafei after he disappears.[4] She stands-in for Anju when Anju cannot work at the registry at the inn, but this is not terribly often.

Anju's Grandmother has her own room on the first floor of the inn. She loves to read stories, and will tell Link two of them. She seems to be senile, as she refers to Link and Anju as "Tortus," the name of her deceased son. However, this may all be an act to get out of eating her granddaughter's cooking, as suggested in her diary.[5]

A mysterious person merely referred to as ??? also resides in the Stock Pot Inn as well.

Mayor Dotour's Family

Main articles: Mayor Dotour, Madame Aroma, Kafei

Mayor Dotour is a very busy man. He is easily stressed, and the fact that his son, Kafei, has gone missing does not help matters. He can be a little nervous when around pushy people such as his wife or Mutoh,[6] but if he is thinking clearly then he can get the job done.

Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife, is a woman who wants nothing more than to get her son back. She hired a professional people finder to do the job; however, she mistakes Link for this man and sends him out to do the job.[7] Near the end of the 3-day cycle, she can be found in the Milk Bar drowning her sorrows in milk.

Kafei also lives in East Clock Town. He cannot be found there for the duration of the game, though, as he is currently hiding out in the Laundry Pool.

Gorman Troupe

Main article: Gorman Troupe

All the members of the Gorman Troupe can be also be found within East Clock Town. The Rosa Sisters will be pacing around the Stock Pot Inn during the day, trying to come up with new dance moves for their choreography. Guru-Guru, the troupe's musician, is also in the inn in the daytime hours, while the Twin Jugglers are out practicing during the day, and playing cards inside the Stock Pot Inn at night.

Honey and Darling

Main article: Honey and Darling

Honey and Darling are a couple that runs a shop in East Clock Town. They love each other very much. In fact, they never stop hugging and dancing with each other.

Features and Overview

East Clock town is home to several main attractions in Clock Town, including the Stock Pot Inn, the Milk Bar, as well as several shops that serve as gaming centers where Link may win various prizes. It is also the location of the Mayor's Official Residence, where Mayor Dotour and his family live, and where important town meetings are held. At night, the Stray Fairy from the Laundry Pool moves here.

Mayor's Official Residence

Main article: Mayor's Official Residence

The Mayor's Official Residence is where Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma may often be found. There is a young secretary in the lobby who will direct visitors to one of two rooms; the mayor's office and the waiting room.[8] With a little searching, the bedroom and Diary of Kafei can also be found. Link can receive Kafei's Mask from Madame Aroma when he agrees to search for Kafei. He can also earn a Piece of Heart from Mayor Dotour by showing him the Couple's Mask.

Stock Pot Inn

Main article: Stock Pot Inn

The Stock Pot Inn is where Anju and her family live, as well as where the Gorman Troupe reside during their stay. Link the Goron will also come here on the First Day for his room reservation, but will sleep in the streets outside if Link claims the room first. Bizarrely enough, ??? can be found living in the inn's washroom's toilet at night. A Piece of Heart may be earned by giving the hand paper it requests for. By completing the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest, Link receives the Couple's Mask.

Milk Bar

Main article: Milk Bar

The Milk Bar is a members-only bar that belongs to Mr. Barten,[9] and may only be entered once Link has obtained Romani's Mask as proof of membership from Cremia on the Second Day. The bar sells several varieties of Milk brought from Romani Ranch, including the rare and popular vintage Chateau Romani.[10] The Troupe Leader's Mask can be obtained here if Link plays all four parts of the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" in all of his Mask transformations. The tune moves Gorman, who gives Link the Mask.

Mini-Game Shops

Several gaming centers can be found in East Clock Town. Honey & Darling's Shop offers several games that change daily,[11] which range from needing Bombs, to Bombchu to Arrows. By beating all three of their challenges, Link will earn a Piece of Heart.

The Treasure Chest Shop is run by a young girl who is not above adjusting prices depending on how much she likes the customer. After purchasing a game, Link must run across the tiled room to the Treasure Chest. The challenge is that several of the tiles will rise up, blocking Link's path, creating a sort of labyrinth. If a game is purchased as Goron Link, the prize will be a Piece of Heart.

The Shooting Gallery has a game that involves shooting Octoroks with the Bow. As many red Octoroks must be shot in the time limit as possible. Blue Octoroks must be avoided to avoid a time loss.[12] By beating the current high score, Link gains a larger Quiver. By earning a perfect score, Link gains a Piece of Heart.

Also in East Clock Town is the entrance to the Bombers' Hideout, which leads to the Astral Observatory. Link cannot gain entrance to the hideout without learning the Bombers' password first.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クロックタウン (東) Clock Town [East]
Canada FrenchCA Est de Cadranbourg (MM3D) East of Clock Town
French Republic FrenchEU Est de Bourg-Clocher East of Clock Town
Federal Republic of Germany German Ost-Unruh-Stadt
Italian Republic Italian Cronopoli Est East Time Town
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Este de la Ciudad Reloj East of the Clock City


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