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East Castle Town is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1] The Hyrule Cathedral and Castle Town Watchtower are within this location.

Features and Overview

East Castle Town is located on the eastern side of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins in Hyrule Field. It is an area that features many ruined buildings, dead Trees, and is covered in Malice. Near the center of the Town ruins, an unlit Cooking Pot can be found sitting near a wall. Deactivated Guardians can be found scattered through the ruins and can be searched for Ancient Materials.

A stone Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Bow can be found in the southern bastion. A second stone Treasure Chest containing an Amber can be found sitting in a small puddle, covered by a large stone slab. A third stone Treasure Chest containing a Knight's Shield can be found inside the bastion along the eastern wall. The bastion along the northern tip of the wall contains a stone Treasure Chest with a bundle of five Bomb Arrows. A fifth stone Treasure Chest containing a Purple Rupee is hidden in the remains of a small decayed tower to the west of the Town, surrounded by Pools of Malice. Within the walls of a Ruined House near the southern part of the Town ruins, a sixth stone Treasure Chest containing a Topaz can be found.

A Korok Pinwheel can be found on the southwestern wall, and if Link stands near it, five Balloons will appear and spin in a spiral, each a farther distance from Link. If Link shoots these five Balloons, a Korok will appear and gift him a Korok Seed.[2]


Minor Enemies


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