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The Earth Spring is a sacred spring that is located deep within the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword.[1]


Fi's Comment:
SS Fi Artwork.png
Target lock: Earth Spring
"This is the Earth Spring. It is a sacred place protected by the power of the goddess. According to legend, the water here purifies the body of any life-form that comes into direct contact with it."

The Earth Spring is an underground spring located deep inside the Earth Temple. Link visits the spring while on his search for Zelda, who is said to be cleansing herself in the waters of the spring.[2] He encounters her at the spring and observes her playing the Goddess's Harp with a Servant of the Goddess named Impa. Impa scolds him for taking too long to reach the spring, and the two depart.[3] Link then performs another Skyward Strike on a Goddess Crest allowing Fi to receive another message from "the gods of old", which it begins to translate for the young hero.[4] Upon completion, the translation reveals that Zelda is heading to a region called the Lanayru Desert. As a gift from the gods, Link receives the Amber Tablet which creates a rift in the clouds leading to Lanayru Desert.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanQuelle des Erdlandes (SS)Spring of the Land
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