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Eagus is a character in Skyward Sword.[3]


Fi's Comment:
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Target lock: Eagus
"His name is Eagus, the direct and sincere Knight Commander. He takes great pride in teaching his knights swordsmanship and battle readiness.

He loves pumpkin soup from Pumpkin Landing, which he claims keeps him strong and healthy."

Eagus is an instructor who runs the Sparring Hall near the Knight Academy on Skyloft. After Link learns that Groose, Cawlin and Strich have kidnapped his Crimson Loftwing, Eagus allows Link to train with the Practice Sword.[4] During this training session, Eagus covers the control basics for Link, such as how to swing his sword, how to thrust, how to execute a Spin Attack, and how to target an enemy. After teaching Link the controls, he recommends that the young hero practices using sword techniques on the various logs placed throughout the room.[5] Once Link has destroyed all but one of the logs in the room, Eagus will ask him to perform a Spin Attack.[6] If Link accepts, he is moved to the center of the room and Eagus surrounds him with logs.[7] If Link fails to properly execute the Spin Attack, Eagus will voice his concern,[8] but if Link succeeds, Eagus congratulates him and teaches Link the Fatal Blow as the final maneuver,[9] instructing the young hero to strike a log once it has been knocked over.

If Link attempts to leave the Sparring Hall with the Practice Sword, Eagus will scold him;[10] however, Eagus makes an exception upon hearing that the young hero's Loftwing is missing and allows him to carry the Sword outside on the condition that Link uses it sparingly.[11]

After Zelda falls beneath the Cloud Barrier, Eagus will remark that Link's Sword is an ancient artifact only to be wielded by a chosen hero.[12] He also offers to teach Link the "secrets of defense,"[13] but if Link does not already have a Shield at this point, Eagus will tell him to come back with one.[14] In doing so, Eagus teaches Link how to ready and lower his Shield, as well as instructing the young hero of the dangers of having his Shield lowered. Eagus also teaches Link how to use a Shield Bash, and recommends that the young hero practices this technique on the log near the entrance of the Sparring Hall.[15]

After Link breaks the chandelier at the Lumpy Pumpkin, Pumm tasks Link with multiple jobs to cover the cost of its replacement. One of these tasks is delivering a Bottle of Pumpkin Soup to Eagus,[16] which is his favorite food.[17] However, Link must do so in under five minutes, or the Pumpkin Soup will cool. Eagus implies that his temper worsens when he does not start his day with a Bottle of Pumpkin Soup,[18] and becomes angry at Link if he fails to deliver it,[19] or gives it to him when it is cold.[20] However, he thanks Link if he properly delivers the hot Pumpkin Soup.[21] Later, if Link brings Eagus more Pumpkin Soup, he will be rewarded with a Red Rupee.[22]


  • In the opening cinematic, Eagus can be seen flying a different Loftwing, which seems to be a lower polygon version. An even cruder red version that is not seen in the game can be found in the game's files, which was likely left in by mistake.
  • The Sailcloth that Eagus wears bears the symbol of a sword on it, fitting his vocation.


Eagus is named after the eagle, a type of bird.

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