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EX Strange Mask Rumors
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Quest Giver Super Rumor Mill V1
Location Woodland Stable
Reward Korok Mask

"EX Strange Mask Rumors" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1] It is exclusive to The Master Trials DLC Pack.


The Quest is obtained upon reaching Hyrule Kingdom and loading the overworld of Hyrule, which can be done by Traveling, reloading a save file, dying, or leaving an Ancient Shrine. When the Quest is activated, Link will be tasked with finding a copy of Super Rumor Mill EX, which is apparently in the Woodland Stable. In the book, Traysi discusses the Korok Mask and reports on a rumor that it is inhabited by a spirit that causes it to shake when it is worn and if friends are hidden nearby. The Mask is rumored to be in a Treasure Chest hidden a tree hollow in forest that causes people to become lost.[2] It is possible to activate the second stage of the Quest by reading Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 1 without triggering any of the loading conditions for the Quest's activation. The Treasure Chest can be found in the Lost Woods inside the hollow of a tree south of a pair of Torches with a Torch Weapon leaning against them. Retrieving the Korok Mask from the Chest will complete the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Rumor has it there's an item called the Korok Mask that has the power to alert its wearer when a Korok is hiding nearby.

Apparently the Woodland Stable has a copy of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some rumors about this rare mask.
2 You read Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 1! According to this special issue, there are rumors of an item called the Korok Mask that has been inhabited by a friendly spirit.

The treasure chest containing the Korok Mask is hidden in the hollow of a terrifying tree in a forest that causes those who enter to lose their way. Find that forest and locate the treasure chest! It also seems there's a convenient way to search for it...
Complete You found the Korok Mask in the spooky tree's hollow within the Lost woods!

The Korok Mask will inform you when a Korok is hiding nearby.


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