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"Rumor has it a Royal Guard uniform can still be found at Hyrule Castle. Apparently Riverside Stable has a copy of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some rumors about this rare outfit."
— Adventure Log

EX Royal Guard Rumors is a side quest from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is unlocked upon installation of the DLC Pack "The Champions' Ballad". It requests Link to find and read the Super Rumor Mill V4. The quest guides Link toward the "uniform once belonging to the royal guards who protected the royal family" treasures, three new Treasure Chests containing the "Royal Guard Uniform". The treasures containing the Royal Guard Cap, Uniform and Boots are buried inside Hyrule Castle, respectively on the second floor of the Sanctum, in a small chamber hidden west of the Dining Hall, and in the Guards' Chamber.

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