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This article is about the Main Quest in Breath of the Wild. For the Recovered Memory, see "Champion Mipha's Song".
EX Champion Mipha's Song
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Quest Giver ???
Prerequisite(s)Complete Great Plateau trials
Location Ja'Abu Ridge
Reward Mipha's Grace +

"EX Champion Mipha's Song" is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1] It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.


Once Link has finished the trials on the Great Plateau during "EX The Champions' Ballad", the One-Hit Obliterator will split into four glowing orbs and scatter to different areas of Kingdom of Hyrule, revealing four ancient structures called Monuments. One of the Monuments appears on Ja'Abu Ridge overhanging the south side of the East Reservoir Lake. As Link approaches the Monument, a voice belonging to an unspecified Monk speaks to him and instructs him to complete the trials that will appear to him, as they will enhance his power.[2] Three maps then appear on the Monument's pillars, each revealing the location of a trial that Link must undergo.

Kass, who is standing nearby, remarks on either the Monument or the flash of light, depending on how many Monuments Link has already visited.[3][4][5][6] Noticing Link, Kass asks why he has come to such a remote area.[7] He directs Link's attention to the Monument, as it was mentioned in his teacher's Unfinished Song.[8][note 1] He reveals that there is a verse in the song that mentions the trials that the Zora Champion, Mipha, overcame,[12]

Kass sings the verse for Link,[13] which provides instructions for the trials he will have to face.[14] After the singing the verse, Kass asks Link if he was moved by it.[15][16] Through learning about the Champions, Kass believes his is closer to finishing the key verses.[17] He feels as though his teacher sang the verse in this place before him,[18] and he once again affirms his desire to complete the Unfinished Song.[19] After visiting Zora's Domain, Kass was able to hear stories of Mipha from Sidon and King Dorephan.[20] His ultimate goal is to sing the finished song under the sky, which was beloved by his teacher.[21] When he is done speaking, the Main Quest will begin.

Link may complete the three trials in any order. The marker for the first trial guides Link to a cliff in the Akkala Highlands, overlooking Knuckel Island and Ankel Island. Here Link finds Muzu who reveals that Mipha's notes mention that the path of light should be followed when the sun is rising.[22] During the sunrise, a path of light, the sun's reflection on the water, leads to a Glowing Ring in the Lanayru Sea. Going through this Ring causes Kee Dafunia Shrine to rise from beneath the water. The second trial involves defeating the Blue-Eyed Guardian in Upland Zorana.[23] After defeating the three Guardian Skywatchers and one Guardian Turret, Sato Koda Shrine will emerge fromt the ground. The third trial tasks Link with following a path of Glowing Rings from the western shore of Mikau Lake, up both of its Waterfalls, across to Lulu Lake, up its Waterfall, and finally to Ploymus Mountain, revealing Mah Eliya Shrine.

Each of these Ancient Shrines rewards Link with one of Ruta's Emblem upon their completion.[24] The Monk of the Shrine will then inform Link that collecting all three Emblems will unlock a new challenge.[25] They will tell Link how many more trials he has to complete before fading away.[26][27] After completing all three Ancient Shrines, the third Monk will instruct Link to go to Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[28]

As Link approaches the Divine Beast, he is spoken to again by an unspecified Monk, who gives him a trial in exchange for the three Emblem.[29] The Monk warns him not to dismiss it as a figment of his mind, as there is a deeper truth to it.[30] Link is then transported to the Illusory Realm, a realm created by his memories, where he once again battles Waterblight Ganon inside Divine Beast Vah Ruta.[31] This Waterblight Ganon is a phantasm born from Link's memories and fears.[32]

Link's equipment, Armor, and Inventory will be changed to the following:

After defeating the phantasm, Link is transported back outside of Divine Beast Vah Ruta, where Kass has now landed. Noticing that Link is no longer lost in thought,[33] Kass informs him that learning about Mipha has inspired him to write a song in her honor.[34] When he sings the song to Link, at allows him to visualize the "Champion Mipha's Song" Recovered Memory.[35][36]

After singing, Kass notes that, while Mipha was kind, she could also be strict.[37] He asks Link what he thought of "Champion Mipha's Song (Song)",[38] which he reveals makes him feel closer to his teacher.[39] Kass has realized that he is the only one who can complete his teacher's Unfinished Song.[40] Link then hears the voice of Mipha, who notices he is now stronger and allows him to use Mipha's Grace more often.[41] With his power, Mipha believes he is capable of saving both Hyrule and Zelda.[42] He then receives Mipha's Grace +, which reduces the ability's recharge time to eight minutes. After this, the Main Quest is completed.


Stage Description
1 The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related...

One, find what the light's path shows.
Two, conquer ancient foes.
Three, chase rings of the waterfall.
Champion, the trials call!

You still have three trials to complete.
2 The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related...

One, find what the light's path shows.
Two, conquer ancient foes.
Three, chase rings of the waterfall.
Champion, the trials call!

You still have two trials to complete.
3 The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related...

One, find what the light's path shows.
Two, conquer ancient foes.
Three, chase rings of the waterfall.
Champion, the trials call!

You still have one trials to complete.
4 You completed the three trials inscribed on the stone monument in the Lanayru region.

After you collected three of Ruta's Emblems, the monk told you to head to the Divine Beast. What awaits you there?

Go to the Divine Beast Vah Ruta to find out.
Complete You defeated the phantasm of Waterblight Ganon, which was born from your own memories and fears.

Kass's composition, entitled Champion Mipha's Song, was so true and moving that it allowed you to visualize a memory from 100 years ago.

By conquering the trial, your sacred power has increased and Mipha's Grace has become more efficient than ever.


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